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          Wow buyers by working with BLIS Home Design!  As the founder of BLIS and a Real Estate Broker, Designer, and Investor with over 17 years of industry experience, I know how important staging is to selling homes fast and at top price. From luxury listings to starter homes, I have successfully staged it all.  Working with different groups of sellers for many years and my own experience, I have learned that every dollar counts when you are preparing your house for sale. 



          That's why, for me, it is imperative to provide the services which justify the expenses. I do believe that staging is the smallest but most efficient investment you can make, and like any other investments, it has to be carefully evaluated and calculated. 


          I'm always trying to use or update what is available on the property first and then, only if necessary, add accessories and furniture, which adds cost.  My goal is to maximize your sale price with a thoughtful and inspirational design which doesn't break your bank! Are you getting ready to sell? Let's Talk!


With Love, Lillian 

Real Estate Broker / Interior Designer

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Appeal to buyers by showing them a warm, inviting and functional home. BLIS offers comprehensive services for homeowners, investors,  builders and real estate agents at all price points.

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Lillian is a unique talent.  She has the ability to see potential in your home you never could have imagined, and then the ability to build her vision at a reasonable cost, greatly increasing the market value of your home.   Lillian took my parents’ 50-year-old home and brought it into the 21st century, turning it into a like-new home.  As a result of her creation, we realized multiple bids upon listing and netted some $90,000 more upon sale than estimated by one of the largest real estate companies in the Twin Cities.  She worked tirelessly to bring her vision to life, putting in unimaginable hours of time preparing the home for sale, with her keen eye noticing the smallest detail.  I cannot say enough about her dedication to helping us prepare our parents’ home for its new owners, in making the design decisions for us which maximized the home’s potential and market value.  Thanks both to Lillian and Clayton for all your hard work in preparing my childhood home for sale and for the great result you achieved.

Brian Sobol.  St. Louis Park.  Seller.


 Lillian is knowledgeable, experienced, and has remarkable business savvy. Her vision and creativity know no bounds as she enters the home you've lived in and sees in moments how, with limited investment, to show off its best features. Lillian's right brain / left brain talents are remarkable and make her an extraordinarily effective representative for her client.


Pamela Sulmer & Scott Strand.  Highland Park.  Seller.

After sitting on the market for two years, we finally decided to hire a new agent. Our house was staged and sold by BLIS professionals in two weeks. We sold it for $20,000 more then we hoped for. Lily you are amazing. 


Nataly Vagner.  North Oaks.  Seller.