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Lillian is the founder of BLIS  with over 17 years experience in Real Estate. Lillian approaches Real Estate in a non-traditional way, collaborating with a group of seasoned professionals who share her passion for client satisfaction. As Real Estate Broker and experienced designer, she believes that improving interior design unlocks the potential of the property and increases return on investments for her clients.  As a result, homeowners who use BLIS Real Estate & Home Design services sell their homes faster and for top dollar.

BLIS clients who design homes with Lillian,  can be confident that she will not only transform homes to  absolute "Love It'', but also accomplishes it in most efficient way!

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(651) 214-9441


Lillian Derevitsky


Lillian is a unique talent.  She has the ability to see potential in your home you never could have imagined, and then the ability to build her vision at a reasonable cost, greatly increasing the market value of your home(...)   


Brian Sobol

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