Growing up in Soviet Union, I was abstracted to vision that I didn’t fully understand. Like many others, I believed, our country was the best in the world. Continue reading

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 Stage To Sell

Appeal to buyers by showing them a warm, inviting and functional home. BLIS offers comprehensive services for homeowners, investors, agents and remodelers at all price points. Read more


 Design To Live

Our interior design services are committed to achieving the best solution possible for any given home.  Learn more

We love to create interiors that will stand the test of time and will not look dated even ten years later, when you may be ready to sell! 

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E-Design (Virtual Interior Design)

Be in control of how much you want to spend and your level of involvement!

We offer you on-going support throughout your projects on-line.

Together we can achieve great results! We will create the Home of your dream!

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Design To Sell

Are you an Investor or selling a house that needs an update? Ready for a Design To Sell project? Let's us show you how much you can profit with our help!

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We believe everyone deserves their own sanctuary! Welcoming Space to relax- feel safe, comfortable, confident.  Space full of ''decorative sex appeal''.  Space layered with different textures and textiles, soft furniture, cashmere blankets and cozy soft light that changing the mood. Space which we call HOME

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Loved working with Lillian . Goes without saying that she is highly talented, top-notch designer. She transformed a few homes which I purchased with BLIS Realty and Home Design during last fifteen years! In addition to her design expertise, she excels at project management and execution. Every time, she made the entire process super easy, transparent and efficient (...)

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