Through many years of experience on improving interiors for our clients, we have developed a system which helps us to serve our clients in the best possible way.  Before starting the project, we need to consider many factors to ensure that with all your MUST & WISHES, we will stay on budget and time constrains of the project! We want to make sure that you will make the right decisions on functionality and aestheticism, and not allow one to prevail over another. Any update, big or small, simple decorating or remodeling, requires good planning and preparation. This questionnaire will help us to start the process. It will give us some insights about you and the space you are planning to renovate. This questionnaire will help us to prepare for the first meeting with you and make the meeting more productive. Please provide the information in the short manner as best you can. If you don't know the answer, just say ''don't know''.  

Thank you. Together we will create a HOME OF YOUR DREAM!

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Your Design Style

Please check the box on your Design Style. Answering this question is important! If you don't know the answer, leave the check box open,  and take the quiz provided below after submitting the questionnaire. Thank you 

Please tell us in few words about your household. How many people will live in the  home after renovation? (Please let us know if you are getting ready Home for sale. If answer is yes, you can skip on answering following questions in this section).   How many kids? Do you have Pets? Does someone have special needs? Describe your favorite way to entertain-casual or formal, number of people?

Please tell us in few words about your Home:

  1.   Style of the home: One Level, Two Series, Split Level or other? 

  2.   Year Built

  3.   How many Sq F in your Home?

  4.   Do you have a full basement?

  5.   How High are the ceilings at your home?

  6.   What currently is the  Floor covering in your home?

  7.   Rooms you want to  re-design are facing: North, South, West, East..?

  1. Please tell us in few words what you like in your home, why you bought THIS house?

  2. What you strongly Do Not Like in your home?

  3. What is your absolutely MUST list for this renovation?

  4. What is your WISH list for this or future renovation?

  5. Any Art, furniture, etc which absolutely has to stay after renovation?

Thanks for submitting! We will get back to you in the next 24 hours.