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Research the current market to determine the highest reasonable price. Here are a few hints on setting the right price:


  • Your home's value depends on recent selling prices of comparable homes in your area, along with condition and improvements. After reviewing the selling prices for similar homes, we will recommend a sales price based on current market trends.

  • Buyers look in the price range determined by their monthly payment ability.

  • Buyers are very knowledgeable in their price range and often purchase by comparison. Unreasonable asking prices are an immediate turn-off.

  • Inviting a potential buyer to make an offer shows that you are willing to bargain. But if your asking price is outrageous, the buyer's offer will most likely also be unreasonable.

  • Remember, if the house is prepared and marketed correctly, it will sell quicker and for top dollar.



Attractive interiors, neutral color on the walls, updated appliances, solid foundation, reliable roof, manicured landscape, and a well-kept curb appeal attracts the largest audience and sells quicker with a greater return.




We know that you want to get the highest price possible, and we know HOW to make sure that you get it! That's why we will help you to prepare your house for the market. 


Our in-house Home Designer will assist you in staging your house for success and provide you with tips on how to save money on costly cosmetic repairs if any. Contractors who work with us regularly could provide needed repairs if help required.  Contact us before you start to do any work preparing your house for the market. It can save you time and money. A good stager points out what needs to be done (Along with what can be skipped on, and that can be different from your initial assessment). If you are aware of breaks, leaks, cosmetic, and other small damages to your home, it can be less costly before listing the home. Staging will help your home  show better, and fewer items will show up during the home inspection (meaning less bargaining power for the buyers)


Let us show you how we can add to your profit!


Location is key in attracting buyers. Are you near schools, public transportation, grocery stores, entertainment, and restaurants? Highlighting your proximity to desirable community amenities increases your home's desirability.



Interest rates, neighborhood trends, and the overall economy affect real estate sales and lead to a "Seller's," "Buyer's" or "Balanced" market. Know which situation you are dealing with and adjust the value of your property accordingly.



Quantity and quality of homes similar to your impact your property's resale value. When there are several comparable places with similar amenities, finishes, and location, price usually determines who gets the sale. Extremely customized floor plans (even though they have little competition) may not fly off the market because they suit a very specific buyer instead of the majority of buyers.



When you're ready to sell your home, it helps to know the many factors that can affect your property's value. Market conditions may shift rapidly, and buyer trends could make the difference in thousands of dollars in the offer you receive. So, what is your home worth? Let us help you to figure it out. Please fill out the Evaluation Form. By entering some basic information about your home; you'll receive a quick estimate of its current value. 


  • After sitting on the market for two years, we finally decided to hire a new agent. Our house was staged and sold by BLIS professionals in two weeks. We sold it for $20,000 more then we hoped for. Thank you BLIS! You are amazing!

Nataly Vagner