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Country Style Home

Many homeowners make similar mistakes when trying to sell their home on their own without realizing it. In an attempt to save on commission, they may end up underselling their home. It's important to consider what a good Realtor can offer when selling your home. They can prove time and time again that they are the ones who can get the job done right.

Let me share a story about some of our past clients, Joe and Linda (not their real names), who lived in their beautiful home for 35 years. Their three children grew up in the house, and by the time they decided to sell, they had all moved out. Joe and Linda realized that they weren't enjoying their home as much as before and were dreaming of downsizing and traveling the world instead of working around their property. They thought they could sell their home without the help of a Realtor due to the current market and high demand location. They tried, but with little to no action.

Two years later, we met with Linda and Joe. They had decided to interview Realtors, and we were one of seven they spoke with. Even though all six other Realtors told them their biggest mistake was pricing their home too high, we got the listing and sold it for $20,000 more than what they had been asking when they tried to sell it on their own.

BLIS sold the house within the first two weeks on the market, receiving multiple offers that were $10,000 higher than the listing price. When Linda last called, it was raining in Paris, and she and Joe were traveling the world. She expressed how smart it was of Joe to hire a Realtor to help sell their house.

If you're interested in learning about the latest countries our new friends have visited or need help selling your home, give us a call. We can share more about what was done to sell Joe and Linda's house for $20,000 more than they had hoped for.

Shared by Lillian Derevitsky 

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