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Interior Designer

Growing up in the Soviet Union, Lillian was immersed in a unique world, one that shaped her perspective in profound ways. Like many of her contemporaries, she initially believed that her country was the best in the world, even if it meant living in cramped two-bedroom apartments with family of three or four. As a child, she embarked on a mission to transform these small spaces into havens of comfort. Without realizing it at the time, she was essentially staging interiors, a concept she would later become intimately familiar with.

Lillian fondly recalls a time when stores had empty shelves, and she resourcefully crafted decorative pieces from materials she scavenged from nature or her father's closet, a treasure trove of old items carefully preserved for potential reuse or updating. It's safe to say that Lillian is a true DIY enthusiast, with DIY projects flowing through her veins like a second nature.

Lillian Derevitsky

Her early passion for art was nurtured by her grandparents' extensive library, where she voraciously read about artists, art, and design. Despite the limitations on international travel during her time in the Soviet Union, Lillian had the opportunity to explore the vast and diverse landscapes within the country, accompanying her parents on various journeys. Her travels provided an abundance of inspiration, from the historic grandeur of Georgia to the enchanting shores of Odessa, founded by Italians in 1794. The Baltic Republics offered centuries of European history, while Armenia marked the gateway to Asia.

Lillian's passion for architecture and design was sparked by frequent visits to museums, art galleries, old mansions, and palaces. She found herself captivated by the traditional, intelligent, and sophisticated styles of these spaces, yet she yearned to forge her own distinctive path. Although her journey to develop a unique style was challenging, it was one she felt compelled to pursue. Each interior she encountered became a canvas for her imagination, although initially, she hesitated to share her innovative visions. However, a turning point came when her fear of failure subsided, leading her to wholeheartedly commit to a career in interior design.

In her projects, Lillian is known for asking unconventional questions that prompt clients to articulate their dreams and aspirations. She seeks to understand not just how they envision their homes visually, but also the emotions they hope to nurture within them. Drawing on her extensive experience, she has come to see her role as more than just creating visually stunning spaces. Lillian believes in crafting environments that resonate deeply with their inhabitants, spaces that bring true joy and contentment. She sees herself as a facilitator of happiness, shaping interiors where her clients can feel comfortable, confident, and completely themselves, setting the stage for their extraordinary lives.

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