Interior Designer



            Growing up in Soviet Union, I was abstracted to vision that I did not fully understand. Like many others, I believed our country was the best in the world. We believed it was very normal for a family of 3 or 4 to live in a one-bedroom apartment.  This is why since I was a little kid, I made my work to figure out how to make it comfortable for people to live in small spaces. I remember being a kid, moving furniture from one corner to another in our home, or homes of my friends and family. Without knowing fancy word "staging", I was doing it, I guess. 


             I remember our stores with empty shelves, and I remember making decorative pieces from the materials I could find in nature or in my father’s closet where he was keeping old stuff. Old stuff, which was carefully preserved for the occasion of using, re-using or updating one day.  So, yes, you can call me DIYer, diy projects are my second nature.      

Lillian Derevitsky

                    From my childhood, I was interested in art. Luckily, there was a great library in the home of my grandparents and this library was at my full disposal. I read, read, and read.

I read about artists, I read about art, I read about designers and their work. Fortunately, Soviet Union was a big country with long amazing history and architecture. Despite the fact we could not move freely around the world, we still could travel inside of the country, and my parents liked to visit various places, and of course, I traveled with them. Oh boy, to say that it was a lot to see and learn, is not to say enough. Inspiration was coming from everywhere. From Georgia which was first unified as a kingdom under Bagrationi dynasty by the King Bagrat of Georgia in the early 11th century, to the shores of Odessa which was founded by Italians in 1794 when history of the city began.  From Baltic Republics with centuries of European history to Armenia where Asia begins.

                    I loved to visit museums, art galleries, old mansions, and palaces. Architecture and design were traditional, intelligent, and sophisticated. In spite of this, I was always trying to invent my own style.

                    It was a struggle, a creative quest that was painful. I was constantly striving and thinking. How to make rooms unusual and beautiful, and like people had never seen before. Every interior I ever stepped in, was dissected, and remodeled in my head, but I was nervous to share my visions... Then something strange happened, something clicked, fear to fail was gone and I decided to make Interior Design my career.

                    When I start working on a project, I ask unusual questions just to get clients talking. I always want to know how they see themselves in the house, how they want to live, and how they want to feel! With my experience in the field, I learned that my job is not only to create beautiful interiors but create something bigger and better.  I believe that people can feel truly happy only in the space they Love, and my Job as a designer is helping to create those spaces. Interiors where my clients feel comfortable, confident, and unique. I believe, my job is to help my clients to create Mise-en-scenes for their amazing lives!