Living Spaces Makeovers & Successful Sales 

Discover the inspiring before-and-after transformations of stylish interiors Prepared and Sold by BLIS
February 22 2019

Welcome to my Home Design World, full of new ideas and original, fresh solutions!

My niche is to offer a unique service that most designers cannot offer, nor can most Real Estate professionals provide the designer services as I offer due to my extensive experience.


My goal is to give homeowners just what they want; customized design ideas and recommendations while saving clients remodeling and construction dollars.


As a designer with many years of experience in real estate sales, I am always evaluating the project based on its investment to return correlation for each home.  With my extensive experience of working with different Real Estate groups along with contractors and residential investors, I am an expert in using the most updated materials and technologies that enhance each property for your enjoyment or resale purposes.  I advocate on efficient use of space, decorating and turning less usable areas into functional and attractive living spaces while increasing the resale value of the property.


Typical Split Level. Boring interiors with small choppy rooms. Separated by the door, dark and tight entry room.  Dated railings and lack of sunlight.

The door between entry and the main level was removed to create a larger opening. The closet was removed to extend the space and was replaced by adding an attractive and functional bench. Selections of natural wall colors and floor materials helped to create an airy feel, which allowed for a comfortable sunlit room.

timberwolf before entry.jpg




                FROM INITIAL DESIGN IDEA TO FINAL                                            IMPLEMENTATION




These rooms are transformed in flash by BLIS, thanks to smart budget-friendly ideas and an eye for reinvention.


                Before Renovation Appraised   $ 172,000


                After Renovation Appraised      $ 275,000       


                     Price Sold                               $ 285,000

                     Total Renovation Cost           $ 40,000

                     Project Length                        30 days

                  Sold in the Multiple Offer!



Total Renovation Cost includes Complete interior renovation, exterior repairs,  and management/designer's fee.



timberwolf before lr wall.jpg


Living room narrow, dark, dated, and out of balance because of the height of the ceiling. With these high ceilings, even the large window appeared tiny and out of proportion. The room, being a north-facing room, felt cold and dingy.

We changed the appearance of the high walls by adding wood trim. This design trick brought balance to the room. We used wide trims to frame the window, so it didn't look so small and out of proportion anymore. The right selection of paint created a cozy and inviting atmosphere. The room is washed with bright light and is inviting for all.

Tile in the bathroom looked very dated with pinky-beige color, but even being old and outdated, it was in the excellent shape. Check it out. Notice how choosing the right wall colors and creative ideas (in this case idea with trim) can save thousands of dollars on expensive and messy remodeling

timber upper level bath before.jpg