Q    How much staging cost on average?

A     Average cost for staging services is 1% or less of the listing price. ( more information about cost  can be found here)


Q    Does BLIS REALTY clients have any discounts or benefits with BLIS HOME DESIGN?


A    BLIS REALTY & BLIS HOME DESIGN are affiliated and services under one roof and ownership. We treat it like one company, and all BLIS REALTY clients may enjoy our specials or permanent BLISHD Deals and Discounts. Please refer to your agent for more information. 


Q    I  have a vacant property that needs to be sold. I received a few quotes from stagers. The minimum fee on leasing the furniture is high. I practically have to pay for a few months of rent even if the property sells on the first day. Is there any way to avoid these fees?


A     Yes! There is a way to minimize monthly fees or even avoid it in some cases.  When you stage with BLIS, you are working with an interior designer.  We provide design and staging services at all price points. We work with colors, light, space, decorative, and architectural details that are in the home.   Sometimes, it is enough to change some colors, add or replace lighting,  emphasize or add a few architectural/decorative elements and add accessories, window treatments, and small furniture to obtain the result on likability and avoid monthly fees on renting furniture.  Schedule your on-site consultation.

Q    What if I can't afford to stage my home before its sold?

A     Pay at the closing program is available to homeowners who are using BLIS Real Estate services. You don't have to pay for staging service until your house sells. To use this option, you have to meet a few criteria. Contact us to see if you qualify.


Q    Does BLIS HOME DESIGN provides its services outside of the BLIS network?


A     Yes BLIS HOME DESIGN provides services outside of its network. Our services available to homeowners, investors, developers, and real estate agents who are working for other real estate brokerages.   Book an appointment here


Q    Do you have a list of professionals who can do the work if a property needs to be prepared for the market or updates: painting, plumbing, electrical, etc?  


A     Yes. When you choose to work with BLIS, we not only can manage the process of preparation/staging but also bringing or recommending contractors based on our experience previously working with them.


Q    If I choose to stage my home with BLIS, can I do the work on my own to save on the bill?


A     Absolutely! If you choose and feel confident that you can do the work, you can participate.  Please discuss it with us before you start any project.  Most of the time, our vendors can do work faster and in a very competitive affordable price.  It very well can save you time, headache and even money.


Q    I don't want to deal with any preparation! I just want to sell it fast as-is! Any options?


A     Yes! You may be interested in BLIS Realty "SELL 4 CASH" program. Contact us for details.


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