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How To Sell Your Home For More Money

Here are few easy tips which could drastically help increase the value of your home.

  • Pricing your home slightly below the market can create urgency, increasing the odds of multiple offers.

  • Clean, De-clutter, and brighten up the rooms! Cluttered and dark rooms feel smaller and not inviting. Wash the windows, open the blinds and turn on the lights for showings.

  • Paint Front Door and update hardware.

  • Enhance the landscaping.

  • Stain deck and seal driveway.

  • Paint walls with natural colors.

  • De-personalize. Remove family photos.

  • Stage home to show its best features

Remove all small appliances from public eye, make sure your kitchen counters are as clean as possible, Don't forget to organize inside of your cabinets and pantry

Make needed repairs, you want to show buyers "move-in condition" home

Remove outdated items off the property

Cabinets Glow with an Orange or Red Tint? Re-place light bulbs for a warmer option, such as a soft white. Adding complimenting back-splash, adding or re-placing molding can help buyers to see your kitchen and appreciate the beauty and character of the wood cabinets.

Even painting cabinets can dramatically improve the look, this is a good but very costly option. Here are a few tips which can help you to update the look without breaking the bank. Choose the right color for the walls. Tone the cabinets down by adding large accessories like; bowls, trays, chalk board etc. Make statement with the light fixture(s)! Paint some of the cabinets, not all! Re-design or add an island! CLICK ON THE PICTURE TO SEE BEFORE & AFTER.

Curb Appeal is very important. Its the first impression of you and your home buyers have

Update your front door hardware. Spruce it up with complimenting color.

Use cool accessories when you you want to bring buyers attention to something

Make buyers feel its ''THE HOME''

Add splash of colors

Add details to bring the character, new trims helps

Be creative by adding a personal touch. Remember, people buy with emotions. Help them make a connection!

Add character by different texture and pattern

Update hardware

Update lamps and light fixtures

Update pink, green, blue:) bathrooms by right color of the paint and/or right accessories

Lightly stage the counter tops

Be creative in the kids bedrooms. You can use their stuff found in the closet to decorate the room.

Room always look smaller if it's empty. Make it cool! Horizontal lines make it look wider

Don't be shy to paint your outdated formica, don't underestimate look of the laundry room

Spoil your walls with new color and trim design

Paint darkest room of your home (facing north) a bold bright color, Make the statement!

Update your light fixture and facets, counter if needed. Remember Kitchen, bathrooms and garage sells the house

Update your old cabinets with fresh paint

Update old appliances

Update your garage door. Seal or replace your driveway

Dress your windows

Depersonolize and stage your bedroom

Corridors, Light it up! Right colors and design make a difference!

Stage your island or dining table

Make it warm and cozy with accessories and art pieces. Try to keep it clean and simple without overdoing it.

It's OK to go bold and bright with colors in the kid' rooms.

Make sure that even in the lightly staged house buyers have something to sit on. You want them to stay and give you an offer, make them comfortable to do so!

Invest in great professional pictures of your home!

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