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Whenever anyone begins the search for a new house, size is generally on the top of the list. Along with a desired location and budget, number of rooms and square footage are always among the top priorities for most of the home buyers.

Homebuyers can easily get excited about seeing a home within their budget that is listed on internet with a big square footage number, only to then be disappointed when they step foot into the space. A big home may have been priced low because of an awkward layout, wasted space or poorly designed floor plan. No matter the square footage, if the layout is badly planned, a home may not feel inviting or spacious.

Every floor plan can be improved! Don't turn your back on those houses which don't look desirable to most.

Invite us to evaluate what can be done, to make it desirable for you, at the price you are willing and able to pay.

                      WHAT OUR CLIENTS ARE SAYING

Loved working with Lillian . Goes without saying that she is highly talented, top-notch designer. She transformed a few homes which I purchased with BLIS Realty and Home Design during last fifteen years! In addition to her design expertise, she excels at project management and execution. Every time, she made the entire process super easy, transparent and efficient (...)

E. Kovalchuk

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