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Buying a home, especially for the first time, can be intimidating. Having a knowledgeable agent is a smart step toward finding an ideal property in a location that suits your needs.

We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations.  Being a small agency gives us the ability to provide you with a team approach, helping to make the final decision to purchase as stress-free and fun as possible.  While working with us, our buyers receive exceptional benefits from our analysis of property value, our negotiating abilities, and our attention to detail through every step of the process.   

Using a BLIS agent could save you both time and money.




Our Buyer agent’s service includes:

  1. Help to find a home that suits you. With the advent of technology, we are inundated with information.  Many home search sites provide dated information.  Meaning a property is under contract and going through an inspection period. Only information directly from local MLS can provide current, accurate information.  As your agent, we analyze this information for you.

  2. Providing research on the property of interest to ensure you are paying a fair price.

  3. Advocating on the condition of the house and helping you to negotiate the correct terms and price.

  4. Recommending services you may need, connecting you with the appropriate mortgage lenders, home inspectors, title work, and other required professionals.

  5. We are providing professional assistance throughout the entire process.

   Let's Get Started! Let's Find the Perfect Home for You! Please share with us how you see your Dream Home!

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