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We are fulfilling DREAMS!

Purchasing a Home is probably the most significant financial decision most of us ever make.

Whether you are tired of paying rent and this is your first purchase, outgrown your current home, downsizing, or simply want to shorten your commute, we are here to assist you through the entire process of Buying. Read more.

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Here are a few hints on setting the right price. We know that you want to get the highest price possible, and we know HOW to make sure that you get it!  Read more

Experience hardship paying your mortgage? Short on loan to sale your Home? Time is running out! Call our expert for advice as soon as possible! We do negotiate with the banks when selling short! If you want to stay in your house, we can provide you with the resources needed to modify your loan and avoid foreclosure!

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Starting the search for your next home online, whether it’s a rental or purchase has become commonplace. But when it comes time to tour homes and narrow your options, it may seem like only home buyers have the advantage of calling on a real estate agent to help them through the process. But renters shouldn’t sell themselves short.

BLIS real estate agents will gladly represent a renter searching for their next place to lease; it’s just a matter of connecting with us.

Real estate agents involved in lease transactions often collect a commission or finder’s fee from the landlord, typically equivalent to one month’s rent when a qualified renter signs a lease. However, in some cases agents will instead collect a flat fee from the renter, depending on the level of service. Contact our agent for more information

If you are dreaming of  becoming a Home Owner but are not financially ready or simply not ready to commit  then  check out if you qualify for

 RENT TO BUY OPTION   with us.

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Financing is an essential part of the Home Buying Process.  Whether you are buying or refinancing, our trusted lender will help! Bell Mortgage provides the convenience of quick connection and efficient service. Getting pre-approved gives you a clear picture of your buying power and shows sellers that you are serious and strong buyer to purchase their home. Get pre-approved with our trusted lender. 

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Experts agree, staged homes sell faster and for a higher price!  Staged homes sell for about 10% or more on average than non-staged ones.  Builders and Investors always prepare their properties for the market to achieve the highest return on their investments.  Why shouldn’t you?


Eighty-three percent of buyer's agents say that staging makes it easier for buyers to "visualize" the property as their future home and get increased potential buyers’ traffic, versus non-staged.

Acquiring our staging service will help you to pinpoint areas sellers have become too familiar with and can’t see fresh as with a buyer’s eye. Read more

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Investment property whether purchasing or managing an existing property, we are here to assist you. Real Estate Investment Calculator can be found here.

Need help and direction working on your Fixer Upper to add to its value and minimize your remodeling cost, book your   Design consultation after checking some amazing transformations by BLIS HOME DESIGN.

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What Our Clients are Saying

After sitting on the market for two years, we finally decided to hire a new agent. Our house was staged and sold by BLIS professionals in two weeks. We sold it for $20,000 more then we hoped for (....)

Nataly Vagner

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