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I recently had the pleasure of working with Lillian Derevitsky, Blis Real Estate & Home Design. The transformation she brought to my living space has left me utterly amazed. From the initial consultation to the final reveal, every step of the process was marked by professionalism, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Right from the start, Lillian exhibited a keen understanding of my preferences and lifestyle. Her ability to translate my ideas into a cohesive and stunning design was truly impressive. What sets Lillian apart is her knack for combining functionality, aesthetics, and cost effectiveness. With her innate sense of style and client focus, she brought to life concepts I fell in love with. My dream kitchen is now my everyday reality. :-) The final result surpassed my expectations, and I find ourselves in a home that not only meets my practical needs but also uplifts my spirits every time I walk through the door. In conclusion, working with Lillian and her team of talented crew was a delightful and enriching experience. Her talent, professionalism, and commitment to delivering excellence make her a standout choice for anyone seeking an interior designer. wholeheartedly recommend Lillian to anyone looking to elevate their living space to new heights.

Marci Huberty

BLIS Home Design client

Olga is knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, and incredibly generous with her time (including mornings, evenings, and weekends over the course of several months). She answered every part of the process clearly and thoroughly.

Marina Farber, Buyer/Seller


Lillian was our realtor when we bought our house in Saint Paul in 2012 and when we
sold it in 2022. She is a superb professional: kind, knowledgeable, incredibly
energetic and she always finds creative solutions. You can tell that she is passionate
about her job and it reflects on her good work. We highly recommend her!!

Paula Lopez and Alex Baer, Sellers.

These two are the best agents bar none! I’ve purchased many homes over the years used several Agents! From day one, when we met at an open house they were different. The staging at my home that I was selling was incredible! Thanks to Olga n Mike, We almost almost said love it instead of list it. Amazing people which turned into a friendship! You cannot understand how over the top they go to get the job done also the most equity and not spend your equity in the process! Very professional sound advice! You cannot lose only Win with Blis Reality! Thank you Olga ! Thank you Mike !

Howard Syverson, Seller & Buyer




Lillian is a unique talent.  She has the ability to see potential in your home you never could have imagined, and then the ability to build her vision at a reasonable cost, greatly increasing the market value of your home.   Lillian took my parents’ 50-year-old home and brought it into the 21st century, turning it into a like-new home.  As a result of her creation we realized multiple bids upon listing and netted some $90,000 more upon sale than estimated by one of the largest real estate companies in the Twin Cities.  She worked tirelessly to bring her vision to life, putting in unimaginable hours of time preparing the home for sale, with her keen eye noticing the smallest detail.  I cannot say enough about her dedication to helping us prepare our parents’ home for its new owners, in making the design decisions for us which maximized the home’s potential and market value.  Thanks both to Lillian and Clayton for all your hard work in preparing my childhood home for sale and for the great result you achieved.

Brian Sobol

Blis Home Design Client




Lillian is a highly-talented designer. She brought a ton of experience, passion and design knowledge to our project. Our house has been beautifully transformed! This happened through Lillian's keen eye for detail, dedication and her innate style sense. She gave us the confidence to expand beyond our comfort zone. Lillian saw the potential in our home and brought the wow factor with smart use of our budget. Super happy with the end result!

Jerene Smith

BLIS Home Design Client


Inessa Dorofeyeva was an outstanding Realtor. She expertly guided me through every step of the process. She is extremely knowledgeable, courteous, and easy to talk to. She is good at listening to client needs and readily available to answer questions or return phone calls. I highly recommend Inessa

Zachary D'Angelo, Buyer





Lily is amazing! I have worked with her off and on for the last few years. End result: a warm and inviting interior that makes me feel like I'm finally HOME! Lillian listens to your ideas on style and then makes them better without breaking the bank. She knows where to splurge and where to reign it in. Lily is a pleasure to work with , always managed to work around our crazy schedule. Biggest compliment: my husband loves everything that we have done!

Rita Shkurko

BLIS Home Design Client

We were very pleased with Inessa’s service as a realtor. She had helped us look for and buy a house for our family. We had a great experience. She was very easy to work with and is truly a master in her craft. Inessa was  always available to help answer questions at whatever time we needed. The way she helped us find a house was amazing! The showings were arranged at the times we wanted and convenient for us. We worked during the weekdays, so she made sure the showings were either on weekends or before/after we had work. That was really important, because our previous realtor never scheduled showings on weekends, was out of town or was busy with something else.

Second, since Inessa is very experienced, she was pointing out things about the house that we’d never had noticed without her. Her goal wasn’t that we’d just buy a house already, but to make sure the house was right for us and by indicating possible imperfections if there were any.   We looked at many properties and placed our offer on the one we like most. With the incredible help of Inessa, our offer was accepted by the seller (in a multiple offer situation), and we got the home of our dreams in a very short amount of time, as we didn’t spend months looking for the house as some do. Inessa was always willing to do her own research on prices for house inspection, provided options to choose from, and suggested the best company with the best price to work with. From choosing the house, to closing, Inessa fully supported us in the process and provided excellent help and necessary details on every aspect of buying a house. Because Inessa went above and beyond, the process was very smooth. We highly recommend Inessa if you need to buy or sell your home.

 Kamilla and Nate Ristow, Buyers





 Loved working with Lillian . Goes without saying that she is highly talented, top-notch designer. She transformed a few homes which I purchased with BLIS Realty and Home Design during last fifteen years! In addition to her design expertise, she excels at project management and execution. Every time, she made the entire process super easy, transparent and efficient. I had complete trust in her to stay on top of all the details and keep me updated throughout the projects. Always responsive and fun to work with. I have enjoyed homes after remodeling and had a lot of compliments and tremendous effect on the selling price every time when it was time to move!

E. Kovalchuk, Buyer/Seller

BLIS Real Estate & Home Design Client





  Lillian is a deeply knowledgeable real estate specialist. She always stands by her clients and thrives to provide the best possible outcome for them. She guides to make smart decisions that will give her clients the “best bang for their buck”. It also helps that she is highly creative in an interior design and knows what speaks to the potential buyers. If you want to achieve great results, she is your gal.

Natalie Shumilow,  Seller and Buyer

BLIS Real Estate & Home Design Client





 Working with Lillian Derevitsky, the owner of BLIS Realty & Home Design exceeded any of my expectations. She is very knowledgeable, approachable, personable, endlessly patient, honest, fun, extremely thorough and incredibly generous with her time (was always available mornings, days, evenings, and weekends). She answered every question and explained every part of the selling process clearly and thoroughly. She fought hard for our best interests and addressed our concerns quickly to put us at ease. We followed her expert advice and sold our house in 3 days with multiple offers! I couldn’t recommend her enough for anyone looking for some peace of mind when buying or selling a home! Thank you Lillian!!!

Viktor & Nadia Nosik, Sellers

BLIS Real Estate & Home Design Clients





 Lillian was the consummate Realtor who did a spectacular job selling our home! She is so knowledgeable, experienced, and has remarkable business savvy. Her vision and creativity knows no bounds as she enters the home you've lived in and sees in moments how, with limited investment, to show off its best features. Lillian's right brain / left brain talents are remarkable and make her an extraordinarily effective representative for her client. 

 Pamela Sulmer & Scott Strand, Sellers/Buyers

BLIS Real Estate & Home Design Clients





After sitting on the market for two years, we finally decided to hire a new agent. Our house was staged and sold by BLIS Real Estate professionals in two weeks. We sold it for $20,000 more then we hoped for. Lily you are amazing!

Nataly Vagner, Sellers

BLIS Real Estate & Home Design Clients





Dear Lillian, We greatly appreciate all the help you gave us at designing/selling the house on James Ave. You are very hardworking, a great Negotiator and a very talented Designer. You are a wonderful Realtor and did an excellent job on the house you Sold. Thank you so much for your assistance. We are very grateful.

Warmest regards,

   Maureen and Ira Adelmen, Sellers

BLIS Real Estate & Home Design Clients





Lillian is amazing. She knows the market, she knows people, and she always finds a way to help her clients. She clearly loves her work, and it shows in her results.

Monica Kelley, Sellers and Buyers





Great Results, Personable, Creative. We highly recommend your services to everyone who is looking for assistance to sell, buy or re-decorate. Thank you, Lily!

Margarita and Anatoliy, Buyers





Thanks Olga Repeshchuk and Mike Griffith for all of your hard work helping us repair, prepare, and stage our house. Then sell it in 48 hours. The two of you were fun and wonderful to work with. During the 14 days we had together we made fast and furious friendship, one that we hope will last a lifetime. Keep moving and shaking with Blis Realty!

Kathy Syverson, Seller and Buyer





Very energetic , knowledgeable, Lillian always puts her clients interests above anything else. She  sold my house and helped me buy a new one within 60 days

Mikhail Lemishenko, Buyer





                                             ​Lillian is very creative and always on budget and time sharp.

Boris Tsvetovat. President Lemax /BLM investment group inc

BLIS Home Design Client





Lillian thanks so much for all your help in making our "dream home" a reality. We really appreciated that you went the extra mile to get us the best price for our home and made it beautiful before we moved in. You are truly a professional as a Realtor and very talented as a Designer. After meeting You I started to believe that only Sky Is The Limit. Amazing attitude you have and most importantly your readiness to share...For us you are BLISSSS. Good luck with your new company name!

L. Burke, Buyers

BLIS Real Estate & Home Design Client





 I was impressed with the help I received when I listed my house in Highland Park with BLIS Realty. The team of professionals who I worked with was great and very knowledgeable.​

Jonathan Zats, Seller

BLIS Real Estate & Home Design Client





After sitting on the market for two years, we finally decided to hire a new agent. Our house was staged and sold by BLIS professionals in two weeks. We sold it for $20,000 more then we hoped for.

Nataly Vagner, Seller

BLIS Real Estate & Home Design Client





We bought our new house with Lillian one year ago. My husband and I still talk about how incredibly helpful and enthusiastic she was during the whole process. I was on the phone with her practically every day. Once the agreement was signed, she helped us with paperwork and inspections, much more than I ever expected. She shared A TON of very useful information with us about the house, insurance, etc. All in all, I feel very lucky that she was our agent and would highly recommend her to anyone.

Tatyana Avdeyeva, Buyer





Thank you so much for taking the extra effort to make our first home purchase successful. You were there guiding us through all the crucial and important steps! You really listened to what we wanted in our home, and you found exactly what we were looking for - at an amazing price! If we ever outgrow this home, we'll definitely be calling you again!!!!

The Massman Family, Buyers




 Dear Lillian. You made buying a home so easy for us. We were grateful for how much patience you used in answering all of our questions and taking us to look at so many houses. You never pushed us into looking at something we were not interested in. We strongly recommend you to anyone looking at buying a new home.

Ha and Nina Vue, Buyers





Great Results, Personable, Creative. We highly recommend your services to everyone who is looking for assistance to sell, buy or re-decorate. Thank you Lily!

Margarita and Anatoliy Shkurko, Buyers 





Lillian is a very dedicated Real Estate agent who goes out of her way to satisfy the need of her clients and get the work done on time       

Naser Ammash, Buyer


In all our dealings with Realtors over the past ten years, we have never met anyone whom we could trust so much, who is so helpful, patient and energetic as you have been. Without hesitation, we would highly recommend your service to anyone who is looking for an experienced Realtor who cares about getting things done and doing them right! Thank you Lillian for taking such good care of us, we couldn't have done it without you!

 Beckers, Sellers and Buyers



Olga is very professional and fun to work with agent. Her advises were very helpful. Excellent knowledge of the market and creativity are appreciated. I will definitely use her service in the future again.

Vadim Tokman, Buyer


Lillian was very committed to my project. Despite a supply shortage that was not her fault, she continued to press forward, and make any adjustments necessary to complete the bathroom. Her artistry and knowledge of materials made this bathroom a top lever remodel. I’m very happy with the outcome and will definitely hire her to do other projects in the future.

David Alfred

BLIS Home Design Client

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